The BUILD Process

The Classic Factory manufacture brand new Grand Wagoneers based on Wrangler Unlimited (2007-2019).
The Woodland Conversion uses the entire Wrangler platform with frame, engine, transmission, interior and then re-skin them
with the Wagoneer body. This will give you a fully modern car regarding driveability, safety and fuel consumption. 

step by step

1. Find and transport/ship the donor cars to our
micro factory in Laxå, Sweden.

2. JK tear down phase where we strip the JK down
to frame, floor, firewall, engine etc

3. Wagoneer goes to sand blasting

4. JK body off and firewall 3 inch lengthening 

5. JK chassis and Wagoneer body marriage

6. Custom made body fill panels and welding process

7. Custom interior

8. Electrical job (windows, tailgate etc)

9. Paint job

10. Wood panel attachment

11. Testing 

12. Delivery

We recommend the client to come visit us before
and during the build process.

Build time

12-14 months

Cost estimate

We could find a very nice, 20-30.000 miles, JK in Sweden/Europe/UK for around €35.000 and a Wagoneer for
around €20.000. Transportation is around €1-4.000.
Donors: approximately €45-55.000 euro

Then we have approximately 900-1.000 hours of
massive labour at €65 / hour.
Labour: approximately €70.000 euro

Special fabrication, OEM parts, lights, hard to find chrome
details, roof racks etc, depending on the donor quality.
Parts, fabrication: approximately €15.000 euro

Electrical work, custom interior, custom paint job etc.
Interior/exterior: approximately €30.000 euro

Global shipping
Shipping: approximately €4.000 euro

Total: €150-180.000 euro