The Classic Factory is an Automotive Micro Factory. We produce customized and personalized
vehicles for demanding clients. We put all our pride in details and top of the line craftsmanship.
Our Head- and Sales Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and our Factory is located in Laxå.

About The Woodland

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is one of the most versatile and rugged vehicle on the planet.
In our opinion, it only have one thing lacking - the looks. Interesting enough the Jeep Grand Wagoneer
have close to identical dimensions and a full body swap is possible even thou complicated.

We start by removing the entire JK body but leave the entire chassis, drivetrain, firewall and
interior in place. Thereafter we place the stripped, sand blasted and restored SJ body on top and
marry it to the chassis together with our pre made custom filler plates and brackets.

When this is done we offer custom interiors as well as custom paint jobs.